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    Artwey Classes Workshops and Tuition | Felt Making Workshops in Upwey

    Felt Making Workshops in Upwey

    Published: 25th April 2015

    Artwey Member Di Pattinson runs Felt Making workshops both at her home studio and at the Upwey Old School Village Hall.

    She is running a workshop at the Upwey Hall on 25th & 26th April 2015 10am to 4pm, teaching 2D and 3D felt art using merino fleece dyed in the most gorgeous colours, beginners welcome.

    Contact Di to arrange a mutually convenient time for a session at her home.

    Beginners welcome - no previous experience necessary!

    You can make anything from a wall hanging to a chicken using dyed merino fleece.

    For more information please either phone me -
    Di Pattinson    01305 813539

    or e-mail