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Artwey Events



    Artwey LogoArtwey is an organisation set up by local visual artists to promote themselves collectively through this website and by staging activities -  mainly the Open Studios events.

    The Open Studios event ran from 23rd May until 7th June 2015, details appear on this website at this link, with information about the venues.

    Congratulations to Artwey Member Catherine Owen on becoming Weymouth's 2015 Carnival Queen!  We hope to see her artistic flare light up the borough! Guess who will be cutting the ribbon to open our events?  See more about Catherine at this link.

    Conflict Exhibition

    The themed exhibition at the Nothe Fort, Weymouth, has now closed. Details appear at this link.

    "Open" All The Year

    The artists are all very willing to be contacted during the year by anyone interested in purchasing work or taking part in a workshop. Please use the links provided on the artists' pages, found through the links on the left of this page.

    There are several hotels and restaurants in Weymouth & Portland that feature work by Artwey members on their walls, which can bought directly. Details of some of these can be found at this link.

    Friends & Fans of Artwey

    Everyone interested in what Artwey and its members do should sign up on this website's fan page. You can be kept informed by email alerts about Artwey's activities.

    Membership of Artwey

    Membership of Artwey is open to visual artists who work in the Weymouth and Portland area. Artwey welcomes new members. For more information follow this link.

    Artwey Tutors

    Artwey is running a campaign to promote "Tutors" who run classes, workshops or individual "coaching" in creative skills and techniques.

    Many local artists offer regular classes or one-off workshops in a variety of artforms, such as painting, sculpture, pottery, feltmaking.  For more information follow this link.

    Portrait & Life Drawing Classes

    These are run by Artwey member Susan Hughes contact her for details :-

    Susan is also running Drawing For The Terrified, starting in September 2015 - contact Susan for details and booking.

    Using This Website

    This website publishes details and images about the artist members, they can edit their own content, so the content is kept up to date by them.

    The calendar shows diary entries inserted by members to provide alerts about what they are doing in between the Artwey events.

    The comment boxes that appear at the bottom of some pages can be used by anyone to leave a message about that page - the person responsible for the page will be alerted about the message and can respond.

    The Artwey Community Interest Company

    Artwey is a Community Interest Company, managed by artists for the benefit of the local community - both creative people and the public who are entertained and educated by their engagement. Details of the CIC can be found at this link.

    Tell your Friends and Associates

    Please use this facility to share your interest of this site with your friends.

    Artwey Facebook page

    Follow this link to find the Artwey Page on Facebook

    There is now a Facebook Page for Artwey CIC. Any user of Facebook like it and get alerts about Artwey and its members.

    More Information

    The links at the left take you to pages with information about particular events, members and topics that will be of interest to members of the public and also potential members of Artwey.