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Keith Thompson

01305 768427



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Keith Thompson | Profile

I paint a wide variety of subjects, from coastal scenes to studies of wild animals, in both watercolour and acrylic.

Gallery: Keith Thompson Gallery

Crane Bill Estuary Avocets Quiet Times

More Information About Keith

For many years I was a cartographic draughtsman, working with precision and to a finite specification. Since moving to Dorset I have returned to my earlier interest of painting and enjoy the freedom of creating my own viewpoint primarily in watercolour but some subjects undertaken in acylic.

I show my pictures in many local exhibitions and venues. Several of them have been bought by local people and visitors to the area who wish to take home a reminder of their stay.

I also run my own art group/tutorial which meets every Wednesday fortnight. Newcomers are welcome.

Contact details: 01305 768427


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